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The latex painting is detached from any carrier surface. Brushstrokes of liquid latex condense

into a two-sided and elastic image that can support itself.


The painted latex membrane adapts the surface of its temporary shaper, as an echo of the cave painting. The architecture becomes the image carrier. The motif becomes object, becomes  installation, only to become an image in the next moment of the exhibition. Due to the deformation of the picture surface, the compositions jump into the third dimension and thus absorb the space as an extended image space. 


Despite all ambitions to combine painting and sculpture, the reality of the material - due to the inevitable decay of the latex - ultimately eludes its claim of durability; In terms of conservation, the latex works are ephemeral.  


This is how Gebanne: becomes an urgent exhibition project in which the oversized latex painting, conceived for Pavilion 18 of the AdBK Nuremberg, consumes and absorbs new exhibition conditions and, as an extremely flexible painting, exercises the very act of exhibiting. 

The exhibition series Gebanne: was partly supported by the grant program

"Junge Kunst und Neue Wege" by the Free State of Bavaria

Gebanne: Motiv
(Nr 1) Gebanne:vorort

Gebanne: vorort
2021 - Pavilion 18, AdBK Nuremberg

For the diploma presentation titled Gebanne:vorort, the art academy studios in Pavilion 18 were left fully furnished. The elastic painting, over 80 meters long and 2 meters high, was installed in the communal studios without removing the furniture or materials of the fellow students.  The motif permeates the study rooms of the academy both physically and in terms of content, it digested the architecture and its story(s).  Motifs of interactions and intertwined relationships overlay their own locality, which in turn pushes through the pictorial plane of the painting, redirecting and guiding it. Throughout the exhibition space, the priorities between motif and material are constantly being fought out. The painting takes up the space. The painted image disappears behind the act of exhibiting.

(Nr 3) Gebanne:AEG

2021 - Hinterconti, Hamburg

The 80 meter long latex work is exhibited a second time, in a room that is too small to display its full shape. Compressed and heaped up, the painting is hung, guided, stretched and laid out. 
Due to its size, the painting does not allow itself to be seen and read as such in every room. The image  folds into an object, becomes a stack of brushstrokes.

(Nr 2) Gebanne:bande

Gebanne: AEG
2021 - Auf AEG, Nuremberg

Gebanne:AEG is the third iteration of the oversized latex painting. In the group exhibition during the Hi!A-Festival it takes on the shape of a flacid scroll. A diagrammatic drawing in space, it offers itself to the possibilities of its digitized self.  Meanwhile, due to its natural material, the physical object is slowly but steadily decaying.


The digital animation of the painted motif is a translation, the process of which faces limits of language and technology. At the same time, it enables a carefree exploration of the paintings' possible shapes.

(Nr 4) Gebanne: AIR

February 2022

(CCI) Fabrika, Moskow
edel extra, Nuremberg

(8XR),  VR

interactive 3D Rendering & Animation Mixed-Reality group exhibition

The digital documentation of the painting frees the image of its material constraints. As a digital file, the image can dissociate from time, space and the natural decay of the latex.  

The digitization becomes a form of premature embalmment, turning the image into material once again.

As a proactive reconstruction, in Gebanne:AIR it becomes a malleable modell of itself. 

In trade for touch, smell and physical responses, this parallel existence of the painting allows for a thorough testing of (im)possibillities.

The selective following of physical laws turns establishes a new set of limits on the painting's digital material: The limits of code, technical resources and the know-how of all parties involved.

The support and skills of others, usually needed for the installation of the latex piece in the exhibition space, is now utilized for the implentation of Gebanne: in the virtual space.

Many thanks especially to Alexander Mrohs and the technical team of 8XR.

(Nr 5) Gebanne:[Storage]

& F-A-M [Storage]
April 2022

AdBK München

FAM [Storage]