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Factor, Age & Means (F-A-M)

In F-A-M, data, motivations and external influences are transfixed in coded autobiography onto paintings on canvas. Dry data points serve as a formal and compositional framework for painting:

painting project
Week 33 of 2018 - today

The  Factor  quantifies the supposed artistic success. Based on the dimensions of the picture, it determines the selling price of an individual painting. (chart element shape: bar chart)

The Age  influences the assigned value of the artistic work. It is associated with craftsmanship and experience. (chart element shape: bar chart)

The financial  Means  for this project are recorded on the basis of the financial expenses and income, as they relate to the painting series.

(chart element shape: area chart)

Narrative and figurative content within the paintings are of biographical origin: ciphers

for personal experiences within certain data periods. The titles of the individual paintings are naming those same time respective periods.

Financial income, such as a sale of a F-A-M painting has a direct effect on the form and composition of the following pictures: A sale not only causes an increase in financial Means, which shows up as a sudden high in the area diagram, but also, as a sign of success, has a long-term impact
on the Factor.

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