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(Exhibition view "Zeitgeist", Regensburg)
Video installation on 3 monitors
3 videos, each about 12 hours
monique haber, zeitgeist, kunstverein graz regensburg, 2014

3 monitors, each with a person facing the viewer - without direct eye contact. The viewer is in the observer situation – in the position of the webcam, which is built into almost every laptop these days. A familiar picture, especially in the field of video entertainment.


Here, however, no conversation is conducted with our counterparts. The camera serves as a means of documentation, as a witness to time passing by. Computers, and especially the Internet, have opened the door to information, thought-provoking, entertainment, education and communication for us.


The viewer's wish to exchange perspectives with the individual persons remains unfulfilled. You can hardly tell from their facial expressions what they are dealing with.


You could surf halfway across the world. Physically, though, they stay in one place and stare at a display.


The viewer finds himself in precisely this passivity and lets the expended lifetime pass by in equal measure.

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